Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~JPA's interview questions....~

in da name of ALLAH....

erm..i was actually tagged by ecah n huss... different kind of tag! adoyai... nnt ku buat yerk.. hehe i'm so lazy to make da tags today.. dun worry... promise! wat punyer... suke sgt tag dh dpt dua sekaligus..

i already changed my profile pic... huh... actually after read awe's post n all da comments there.. tobat maa... terkesan d ati.. syukran yer! (",)

pic nie amek mse spm ritu.. mse duk f31! u could see da big.. brown... n fluffy teddy bear rite?

it was a present from my classmate.. tiqa! waa~ really appreciate it.. heyy.. kitowg men S.I lol..
its name is KURT.. mmg dh kena lanyak ngn dak2 nie... now.. living wif my family in kl.. very far away from me... urgh...

oww.. da menyimpang nie... back to da topic plz!
okies... these are all the questions.... but i couldn't find 2008's questions... sorry.. but i'm still working on it...
so.. i do hope dat dis will help us... doing some preparations.... as da result is juz around da corner rite... enjoy diz... ahakz... muahaha...


1. Increasing crime rate among students
2. Patriotism among teenagers
3. Parents are spending less time with their children (Ibu bapa pentingkan kerjaya daripada pendidikan anak-anak)
4. Perempuan masa kini terutamanya lepasan graduan luar negara menjadi ketua bagi kegiatan jenayah di Malaysia
5. Reality tv program give negative impact on students or not
6. Presents students are more pampered
7. 1st class infrustructure, 3rd class mentality (1st class infrastructure and 3rd class mentality still prevails)
8. Schools emphasize on academics excellence (Education system too emphasised on academics and tourism)
9. Junk food
10. Teenagers nowadays do not socialize
11. ICT: Advantages and disadvantages
12. Tahun ini ialah Tahun Melancong Malaysia. Apakah usaha yang boleh anda buat untuk melaksanakan program ini?
13. Mat dan Minah Rempit is a gang of young people who do not have direction in life, do u agree?
14. Heavy fines should be issued to litter bugs
15. Human resource
16. Drugs
17. Students who are choosy in picking their courses (Graduate unemployment is due to graduates being choosy about their job?)
18. Global warming
19. RMK 9
20. Things to prepare before going abroad
21. Children nowadays prefer to play computer games, etc
22. Violence
23. Female vs Male in Academic Achievements
24. Reading Habit Among Youth is Declining
25. Dasar pandang ke timur
26. Corruption
27. Do you agree that bloggers should be registered?
28. Education system
29. The philosophy of a coin [the most unexpected question for me]
30. Do you think it’s the right choice to categorize students into art stream and science stream 31. Should school uniform be ambolish or not
32. Tell us one strength and weakness of yours. One only
33. Pick a cartoon character that would best explain you and why
34. Picture yourself in 10 years time, and what would you want to be
35. Isu-isu semasa di Malaysia pada masa kini?
36. Kemajuan sains dan teknologi membawa lebih banyak keburukan atau kebaikan
37. Your favourite tv programs and why
38. Nelayan laut dalam lebih mengutung daripada peladang
39. National Service for females should be established or not?
40. Malaysia harus membina sebuah pusat penyelidikan di kutub selatan
41. Negara barat dikatakan lebih maju dalam bidang IT. Apakah sebabnya?
42. Leadership & followership. The conclusion between leadership & followership
43. Our leader idols

1. Public Transport in Malaysia
2. Quality of Local Film vs Foreign Film
3. Increasing crime Rate
4. Reality TV Shows (eg: Malaysian Idol)
5. Study Abroad vs Study in Malaysia
6. Graduate Unemployment
7. National Service
8. Agricultural
9. Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English
10. Patriotism
11. 9th Malaysian Plan
12. How to Promote our country?
13. Drug Abuse in Malaysia
14. Female vs Male in Academic Achievements
15. Usage of Handphone in Schools
16. Qualities of A Good Leader
17. Pollution
18. Healthy LifeStyle
19. Pros & Cons of Fast Food
20. Aspiration of Malaysia to be Center of Education Excellence vs Sending Students Abroad
21. How will AFTA affect our Automobile Industry
22. Vision School
23. Pros & Cons of Using Credit Card
24. Declining Reading Habit in Malaysia
25. Courtesy Among Malaysians
26. Children nowadays are being pampered
27. Terrorism
28. ICT: Advantages and Disadvantages
29. White Collar Crime
30. Ways to Overcome Piracy (Counterfeit) Problem
31. 1st Class Facility, 3rd Class Mentality
32. Price of Petrol Increasing
33. Age For Driving Licence
34. Foreign Workers in Malaysia
so... try to answer them k.. bez of luck! ops... maa taufiqwanajah...


amiR muJahiD said...

bnyknye soklan...
bley penin nih...

Anonymous said...

time kasih ah..
tp byk gler soalan..

nurul_sabrina said...

zue..mb soalan ni ke yg akan diulang2??

awe said...

aku nk take note soklan tu
tp byk sgt maa...

eh..aku buat ko terkesan ke?
dpt gak saham akhirat sikit..
same2 la egtkan aku

fieqa said...

whoaa..banyak nyerr...

hehe.all the best...^^

lilolurve said...

mmg byk..... hehe
tp tue kn last year nye...
kena lah update gk ngn current issues skrg nie...
yg tue xcukup....

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